Spring 2012

BackgroundSpring 2012 Collage of Advertising Examples

Spring in Jackson Hole gets a bad rap. While the weather can be unpredictable, the wildlife, national parks, and festivals offer plenty of unique activities. In fact, spring is the time of year that many locals love the best. To help change the perception of spring in Jackson Hole we developed a tongue in cheek campaign to let potential visitors in on The Local Secret. The resulting campaign targeted Authentic Baby Boomers, 48-64-year-olds who are seeking authentic experiences and culture and are looking to avoid hordes of tourists.

To reach this audience we developed full-page print ads that ran in regional newspapers. We also targeted them online through regional news sites like denverpost.com and ksl.com. The concept of “The Local Secret” was woven throughout each tactic. A vacation decoy generator was even developed to help our target audience throw their friends on Facebook off the scent of their true vacation destination.


The campaign, which ran from April through June, generated 7.5 million total impressions and led to over 8,700 visits to the campaign landing page.