Thermal Fuse Campaign

Wyoming has a fire problem. The problem is civilian deaths in home fires that have medical oxygen in use. In the last year more than fifty percent of the deaths in residential structure fires throughout the state have been in homes with medical oxygen.

The Wyoming State Fire Marshals Office in coordination with Fire Departments around the state and other state agencies has created the 307 CRR initiative and made it our priority to “GET AHEAD OF THE CALL” and combat this problem by promoting  the installation and use of thermal fuse devices. 

Our mission is: “The Installation of inline thermal fuses in 100% of the homes in Wyoming using medical oxygen  in an effort to reduce fire deaths and injuries by 1/1/24”

We all know that oxygen by itself does not burn but the presence of oxygen enhances burning and makes fires burn hotter and longer. By installing a thermal fuse, we can reduce the chance death, injury and property damage in home fires.

thermaldevicepictWhat is a Thermal Fuse Device

A Thermal Fuse  is a simple device that is installed inline in oxygen tubing and if fire  impinges on this device this simple two way valve will cut off the flow of oxygen and reduce the spread of fire, thereby saving lives and property.

A thermal fuse, also known as a fire stop valve or fire safety valve, is a device designed to extinguish a fire in the delivery tube being used by a patient on oxygen therapy and stop the flow of oxygen if the tube is accidentally ignited. Thermal fuses are fitted into the oxygen delivery tubing close to the patient, typically around the patient’s sternum where the two nasal cannula tubes join and connect to the delivery tubing.

According to the  National Heart lung and Blood institute there are over 30,000  people in Wyoming with COPD

Your Job:   Help us positively impact these peoples lives.

If  you or someone you know uses medical oxygen, reach out to your oxygen provider, local fire department or the Wyoming State Fire Marshal’s Office and the information that you need to obtain this device. We need everyone’s help to ensure the safety of citizens.

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