Electronic Filing Options

Official ELECTRONIC Filing (e-filing).  Separate information related to EMAIL filing is below.

Official electronic filing (e-filing) is now available (as of July 10, 2023) to WY licensed attorneys who have completed registration and training with File & ServeXpress (FSX). 

You may also continue to file by mail, by in person delivery or by fax or email in Teton County District Court.

Electronic Filing Account Setup for WY Licensed Attorneys:

Current known circumstances to be aware of when using e-filing (last updated July 14, 2023 1:30 pm by Clerk Anne C. Sutton):

  • We are hearing that clearing your browsing history cache may help with FSX case search results.  Please consult your office's IT staff if you wish to explore this or contact FSX customer support for assistance.
  • The integration issue that was causing some challenges finding our cases in FSX during the week of July 10th has been fixed. 
  • You may have trouble e-filing if you are a guardian ad litem, intervenor or third party defendant on a case (related to how you are listed on the case on our side).  Please call us at 307-733-2533 option 6 if you encounter difficulty. We will try to adjust the setup and see if it resolves the issue.  

Important reminders:

  • You need the full case number including the four digit year the case was initially filed, the two digit case type code, and the full 7 digit case number (add as many zeros as necessary before your case number). A helpful reference sheet to find your year and case type code is available by clicking here.
  • Pay close attention to FSX character limits and size limits detailed in training materials to make sure your filing is successfully completed.
  • FSX filings are immediately filed and therefore become quickly available on the case and at public access terminals.  Carefully follow all court rules and necessary steps to protect confidentiality where required in rule, statute or court order.  WY Court Rules are available at https://www.courts.state.wy.us/supreme-court/court-rules/.
  • If you are an attorney changing your place of employment / firm affiliation, contact FSX for assistance making sure your FSX account is promptly updated and the transition works smoothly for future filings.

Teton County requests and preferences:

  • Where possible, please use ONE PDF upload to include the main pleading and attachments.  It makes the item easier to view on our side and the judge's side.  If submitted as separate PDFs, they are not currently transferring in the correct order.  Additionally, our office and the judge's office has to click into each one to view the full presentation of the filing.  One PDF makes for easier viewing and searching. Consider exploring the Combine Files / Binder option in Adobe Acrobat Pro if it helps minimize the number of attachments.
  • Call our office ahead of time if you are filing something out of the ordinary.  We will be happy to share what we know about how to file it efficiently and effectively.
  • Please use the NOTE TO CLERK (OPTIONAL) feature available in FSX when reviewing and submitting your filing just as you would have used a cover letter if notes will assist the clerk (for example if you have to submit an extra large filing as 1 of 2 and 2 of 2 submissions due to size limitations).

Important EMAIL Filing Reminders & Requirements:

For email filings to be accepted by the Clerk’s office, they must comply with the email filing rules. For example: 

  • Email pleadings to the DESIGNATED FILING ADDRESS ONLY 
    • Teton County District Court’s email filing address: dcfiling@tetoncountywy.gov
    • See Wyoming Rules of Civil Procedure for caption, signature and service requirements for court filings.
  • Only include filings for ONE CASE NUMBER per email.
  • Write the CASE NUMBER in the email subject line.
  • Submit SEPARATE PDFS for each pleading.
  • A $1/page EMAIL FILING FEE applies (per Rule 4 of Rules for Fees and Costs for District Court) 
  • Proposed orders should also be submitted as a separate PDF.
  • Cover letters should also be submitted as a separate PDF.
  • If your pleading is applicable to a court hearing scheduled the same day or the next business day, please add “FOR COURT HEARING (DATE)” to the SUBJECT LINE to help alert our office.
  • Original complaints (this is includes re-opening documents such as Petitions or Motions to Modify) and requests for writs cannot be filed by email and must be filed as an original hard copy.
  • The Clerk no longer requires a phone call alert to our office to email or fax file as of 11/8/2021.