Vault Business Surveillance Testing

FREE COVID-19 Vault Saliva Test Kits are available for WY businesses to order in bulk. Give out to employees to have at home. Great way to get free tests to employees who live in Idaho. If employees wake up feeling sick or have been potentially exposed, advise them to use their test.

  • Managed by the business, free for business to participate/sign-up

  • This may be a good option for businesses whose employees may not be able to leave mid-shift to go to the testing site, or for whose employees don’t regularly come to a centralized location

    • Recommended use: 

      • Provide employees with x test kits per month (e.g. 2 test kits/month, to be tested every other week) to take home, PLUS 1 additional test kit to be used if an employee develops symptoms (i.e. if someone develops symptoms, we recommend they stay home from work and get tested; in this case, they would have an extra Vault test kit on hand to test themselves immediately)

  • At-home testing: 

    • When enrolling, you may choose to have tests supervised by a virtual Vault Test Supervisor via Zoom, or to forego the live supervision

  • Pain-free cheek swab

  • Free for businesses

  • Individuals drop-off at UPS and receive results via email

  • To enroll, click here: 

  • Suggested options for surveillance testing frequency:

    • 10% of staff weekly or every other week, especially if in high-risk, or high-contact setting

    • Before travel, and 5 days after travel

    • PLUS 1 extra test kit to be used if an individual employee develops symptoms (i.e. if someone develops symptoms, they should stay home from work and use their additional test kit immediately, and remain home from work until they receive their results)

  • View frequently asked questions.

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