General Population Surveillance

The goal of the General Population Surveillance Program will be to increase testing of the community that is not enrolled in business surveillance. This surveillance program complements the business surveillance program by targeting families and individuals who are unemployed, self employed, or who otherwise do not have access to the business surveillance program. Interested individuals can sign up for the surveillance testing program by visiting, and submitting their information.

We aim to increase access to testing, especially in asymptomatic community members. The total number of tests used each week for the surveillance testing program will be based on the COVID-19 risk level for the county. As the risk decreases, we will increase the number of tests for general surveillance program. 

Percent of Surveillance Tests for each COVID Risk Level

Purple - 10% (of individuals signed up for the program will be tested)

Red - 15% 

Orange - 20%

Yellow - 25% 

Green - 30% 

* Percentages are subject to change based on testing capacity at the Curative Kiosk sites. When the county is in Purple, surveillance testing may decrease to ensure there is enough testing for individuals who have been exposed to someone who tested positive.