What You Should Do if Terrorism Occurs

Suggested Responses

There are many different types of terrorist events, so it is hard to have a general response. Following are a few tips to consider.

As for Any Disaster, Have a Plan & Preparedness Kit Ready for Your Family

We recommend putting together a family emergency plan and a 72 hour kit.

Stay Vigilant

If you see people, vehicles, or other objects that are out of place or suspicious, call the Teton County Sheriff's Office at 307-733-2331 to report the information.

Stay Tuned to EAS Broadcasts for Instruction Before, During, & Following the Disaster

Listen to your NOAA All-Hazards Weather Radio or another Emergency Alert System (EAS) broadcaster for instructions from emergency services before, during, and following an event. Information is vital during any emergency, and it can be difficult to determine if there actually has been an intentional terrorist event. Stay tuned to reliable sources of information, and try not to pay attention to rumors.

Educate Yourself

Ready.gov has an informative site designed to help citizens prepare for all hazards, including terrorism.

Access the Ready Government Website