Planning Division

Welcome to the Teton County Planning Division Website

Our mission at Teton County Planning is to be advocates of the community’s stated vision and to guide changes to meet the community’s aspirations. 

If you have planning related questions, including but not limited to zoning, permit submittals, natural resources, etc. we invite you to check out our new FAQ page! 


In light of our office practicing social distancing in order to reduce the spread of COVID-19 we are no longer accepting planner of the day walk-ins. If you still require assistance after exploring the frequently asked questions, you can call (307)733-3959 or email the Planner of the Day ( at any time to speak with a planner.

What’s Happening? 

Northern South Park Neighborhood Plan

The Neighborhood Plan process will determine the future character and allowable development for Northern South Park. Stay updated on the planning process by checking out the Long-Range Website.

Comprehensive Plan Update Approved

The Comprehensive Plan Update has been approved! For more information on this project, please visit the Long-range project webpage. Also check out the December 2020 technical update to the Jackson Teton Integrated Transportation Plan by visiting this project page

Other Current Projects

snake river dike

The Planning Division staff have several areas of focus; Current Planning, Code Enforcement and Long-Range Planning. 

Current Planning is centered on day-to-day processing of planning permits, resort planning, physical development review and general public assistance. To look up a current planning item, check on the status of an ongoing permit, or find records of old projects, you can access them under Planning & Building Records

Long-Range Planning focuses on the broader picture items like updates to the current Jackson/Teton County Comprehensive Plan, Teton County Land Development Regulations, and amendments to the zoning map. For more information, view the Jackson/Teton Long-Range Planning page.