Medication Donation & Disposal

The Wyoming Medication Donation Program (WMDP) reduces medication waste and improves prescription access for low-income Wyoming residents who lack adequate prescription coverage. The WMDP provides immediate prescription help by re-dispensing acceptable donated medications, and providing advice on lower-cost alternatives.

The Wyoming Medication Donation Program is no longer accepting used and expired medications for disposal. However, they are still accepting unopened and non expired medications for donation. 

The Wyoming Medication Donation Program does NOT accept the following:

  • Opened Medications
  • Expired (less than 5 months before expiration)
  • Controlled Substances (e.g. medications for pain, anxiety, sleep, ADHD, etc.)
  • Refrigerated Medicine
  • Medical Supplies
  • Insulin Syringes
  • Empty Bottles
  • Veterinary Medicine

Disposal Options:

  • Dispose at Drug Drop Box - In Wyoming, text [county name] to (307) 370-2086 for locations. In Teton County, pill form medications only (no liquids) may be disposed at the Teton County Sheriff's office and the Jackson Hole Police Department.
  • Dispose at home - visit for details
  • Deterra Pouches - an At-Home Drug Deactivation System available in select WY counties through the Prevention Management Organization. Visit our website for details.

Donation Options: 

Donate your medications at Teton County Public Health if BOTH criteria apply

  • Sealed packaging
  • In date (5+ months before expiration)

Call (307) 733-6401 if you have questions about the medication donation and disposal program.