Why do recycling practices differ from city to city?

Materials that are capable of being recycled don’t vary from place to place, what varies is the recycling program and the proximity to the markets.

There are many different ways to go about collecting recyclables. Many large municipalities have Material Recovery Facilities (MRFs) - the machines at these facilities automatically sort the materials where they are then bailed and then sold. See single stream recycling. This type of machinery is very expensive and requires processing a good deal of recyclables in order to be economically feasible. At this point, in Teton County there are not enough recyclables produced for this type of machinery to be justified. We bale each item one commodity at a time. Our labor costs are significantly reduced by having residents sort the materials.

Proximity to Markets

There are facilities that process commodities all over the world. Teton County is very geographically isolated. Often times it is not environmentally or financially responsible to send small quantities or low value items to the various markets.

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