Isn't the highway the real problem?

Collisions between wildlife and vehicles are a serious problem in Teton County. When elk are moving across the highway in the fall, elk-vehicle collisions are a primary concern for the Elk Refuge, and the refuge makes significant efforts to reduce the amount of wildlife-vehicle collisions.

But, neither the Elk Refuge nor the County has the authority to manage use or operation of the highway. The Elk Refuge is only able to manage the use of refuge property and facilities, such as the pathway. Because pathway use could increase the potential of elk being hit by vehicles, the Elk Refuge is compelled to limit that risk as much as possible.

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1. Why is the pathway closed?
2. Who owns the pathway?
3. Can I take my dog on the pathway?
4. Can I walk on the pathway if there are no elk around or on the refuge?
5. Isn't the highway the real problem?
6. What's going to happen if I do use the pathway?
7. Will the closure be re-evaluated or changed?
8. What kinds of studies are being conducted?